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Yarash is the Hebrew word meaning, to seize, take possession, inherit and at the same time it means to destroy and disinherit. I like these meanings as it is both as a son to inherit and as a son to disinherit those things that the enemy would like to take.  This is not a site for the compromised, seeking popularity, wanting to lounge and take it slow, or not wanting to rock the boat. This is about possessing our inheritance and manifesting as a son according to Romans 8:19.

Please notice a few things.  On the MP3 Store page, I have made all of my products available for free.  It is my belief that you cannot sell God’s revelation.  If you would like these items, please send me an email with your request and I will give you the password!

Finally, on the thoughts page I will update often and upload a teaching that I have done on teleconference – enjoy!

Love, Michelle

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